My Approach

Listening to and getting to know the families I work with is essential to my creative process and allows me to make honest photographs that connect our visions, match personality to portraiture, and establish trust. I strive to make photographs that broaden our emotional repertoire, encourage nostalgia, and show the importance of slowing down and being present. I’m inspired by the art that exists in genuine moments of connection between people and their surroundings and enjoy working with families who are not afraid to let me into their worlds. I will make a photograph if I notice an irresistible puddle of light or the seductive trifecta of atmosphere, composition and design, but otherwise hunt for the moments and beautiful imperfections punctuate your family life with emotion and laughter. I’ll capture colorful swirls of chaos, peaceful moments of structured serendipity, and everything in between. I’m an observant fly on the wall, but prepared to jump in and be an entertaining, animated presence without needing to be asked.

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